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Top 5 reasons to switch to organic foods today

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Walk into a food store, and you'll find a section entirely dedicated to organic foods. Ask a random person, and they'll describe organic food as the go-to option for health-conscious people. Lookup on social media, and you'll find 'organic foods' as the only recommendation from health experts, yoga practitioners, fitness enthusiasts, etc. It's like everybody who is even slightly worried about their health understands how 'organic' is the healthiest way ahead. Although the advantages of organic farming and organic products are gaining momentum in our lifestyles, there's still a lot of awareness that needs to take place. 

Let Us Begin By Analyzing The Simple Question -

If every health-conscious person recommends 'organic,' shouldn't all of us be conscious about our health too?

The answer to it is a straight 'yes.' But more often than not, any change takes time, understanding, and adaptation. So if you're here reading this blog, trying to make a healthier change, 

Here are five reasons why you should switch to 'organic foods' today:

1. Toxin-free consumption: 

If you were to zoom past the toxins consumed by you in the past decade, the number would leave you baffled. We primarily consume these toxins in the form of air, water, and food. While global warming, air pollution, and water pollution are severe perils to our health, toxins in food are no less threatening. The amount of herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and growth hormones used in foods processed and produced locally is insane. Not just that, the number of chemicals registered for agricultural use worldwide keeps crossing new heights with the increasing demands. Commercially grown products appeal to the eyes, but they equate to 'chemicals' when consumed. So what's the alternative?


ORGANIC, yes, organic foods are grown without any such chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic production methods, thus eliminating the ill-effect of toxins in your food. Every organic product is a chemical-free product and is hence, a much healthier option to consume.

2. High nutritional value:

The more nutritions your food offers, the healthier it is for you. While chemicals hamper the nutritional quotient of synthetically produced foods, they also harm the soil, thus, degrading the soil's natural production. With organic foods, that's not the case. Why? Every organic food produced only becomes a product if it has strictly adhered to the 'organic farming' certification. Under the organic farming certification, a farmer has to ensure that both the soil's health and the crop produced are up-to-the-mark and of supreme quality. Since farmers do not introduce chemicals or intervene in the natural process of farming while growing organic crops, the crops produced depend on the soil, location, etc. From minerals to vitamins to enzymes, all nutrients flourish more under sustainable practices by responsible standards. 

Every study conducted around nutritional benefits of different foods ranks 'organic' as the significantly better version for consumption. As a result, even one serving of sustainably grown organic food crops is at least three times more nutritious than any other food serving.

3. No genetic modifications:

Believe it or not, all the fancy food with rich colors is mostly genetically modified. Don't get deceived by pretty colors when it comes to choosing the right food for your health. At any given point in time, the food industry is going through an alarming rise in GE (genetically engineered) and GMO(genetically modified organisms), contaminating the entire food supply. These foods genetically modified for quicker production and off-season produce constitute a significant threat to health, thus, leading to various ailments, diseases, etc. While we can't decide on what's genetically modified in many products, we always know 'what's not' - organic foods. 


Since organically grown food cannot be genetically modified in any way, organic foods are a sure choice unaffected by genetic modifications. So if you're someone who wants to steer clear of such engineered, unnatural, harmful methods of production for obvious reasons, organic should always be your go-to option. 

4. Richer taste & healthier diary:

While one may argue that taste is subjective from one person to another, it is undeniable that organic produce retains the food's natural flavor at its best form. Organic produce has more layers and generally tastes better because of the well-nourished soil and balanced healthy plants. The decrease in pulp, seeds, and increase in hybrid varieties have also taken a toll on the taste it offers. However, with organic food, the taste is a better priority over appearance any day. 

organic foods

Apart from being a better alternative to conventional foods, organic is also the best option for animal products. More because traditional meat & dairy are always at a higher risk of contamination by harmful toxins. In fact, most pesticide intake is considered to be produced by fish, poultry, meat, and dairy products. Growth hormones, antibiotics, and even drugs are actively found in meat & dairy. Organic products dismiss all these concerns since there's no contamination/ external intervention that takes place. Thus, offering a much safer & healthier option for everyone -especially pregnant women & children. 

5. Upgraded ecosystem:

Organic farming directly contributes to a better sustainable environment and is a bridge that harmonizes nature & agriculture. Abstaining chemicals and preservation of soil help keep the farms happy and unbothered. In return, every other organism also remains a part of a healthy ecosystem, including our role in maintaining the balance. Organic farming doesn't interfere with any natural processes of the ecosystem and thus helps preserve it. 

Not just that, organic farming also plays a decent role in curbing pollution by not using chemicals, fertilizers & other toxins that contribute towards it. Certified standards of organic agriculture that ban the use of any substances also help conserve biodiversity. 

Organic food is not just good for you; it is good for the planet and our sustainability in the long run too. The future is organic, and it also holds the door towards a healthier lifestyle for generations to come. Now that you have a broad idea of how organic food directly benefits you, we at Veda Organics would like to inform you that organic food is no more an over-the-top pricey affair at our stores- offline & online. Don’t believe us? Check the most amazing deals on organic products for your existing needs.

And if you haven't switched to organic yet, let’s get you started soon. 

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