No. 4/1, Brunton 1st Cross Road, Off MG Road, Ashok Nagar 560025 Bengaluru IN
Veda Organics
No. 4/1, Brunton 1st Cross Road, Off MG Road, Ashok Nagar Bengaluru, IN


Think about the 'healthier times' as a society, and you'll be astonished that the last time we were in the pink of our health was at least a few decades ago. Rewind to the good old days, and you'll find that staying 'fit & fine' was just a natural state of being for our forefathers' generations that preceded us. Being 'unhealthy' was a rare sight in the environment that surrounded them. But today, it's almost impossible to even find 1 out of 3 people who are not suffering from any health issues. Many reasons contribute to higher health risks at present which include degrading environment, pollution, etc. but most importantly - FOOD. 

 Yes, you heard us right!

Wonder, how does the food we consume harm us actively?

  • Through pesticides extensively used to speed-fast production.
  • Through chemicals & synthetic processing present in livestock consumed by us.
  • Through preservatives used to extend the lifeline of a food product.

 And the list goes on..


Growing crops with the help of synthetic hormones, fertilizers, and pesticides is inevitable in today's need for mass production. The constant need to produce more crops in lesser time leaves it exposed to the chances of coming across unauthorized and unregistered chemicals that rapidly aid the same. Carbonates & Fumigants, majorly used as chemicals for the rapid growth of crops & animals, actively harm the human body and cause several health ailments, significantly affecting the digestive tract and the heart. These chemicals also hamper the growth of crops and genetically modify them from their natural state to certain deformities. 


So how do you get rid of the harmful effects of traditionally grown crops & processed food available in the market? 



Organic products are sourced from organic farms and are devoid of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals. Natural processes and All organic products, including meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc., are naturally grown without any growth hormones or antibiotics with biofertilizers that stop the invasion of pests. There's no modification and adulteration performed on the genetics of the crops and livestock. Every organic product, from multigrain flour to quinoa to staple food, is processed and packaged organically. From cultivation to farming to product outputs, the entire process is organic and even aided with organic preservatives. Almost every nutritionist and doctor today recommends 'switching to organic food,' and slowly, everyone is looking for options to buy the right fit of products for themselves. 




While a few options are available in the market for organic products, there's hardly a one-stop shop for all your food needs. We at VedaOrganics strive to bridge that gap. Whether it's midnight cravings or a healthy breakfast, or a savory option, you name it, and we've got it. Our products follow all the necessary guidelines & certifications that give them an edge over others. At our Multi-Brand Store, we house every organic product that is - 

  • Kind on your body
  • Safe for the environment
  • The epitome of health



 From staple grocery items to beverages to nuts & seeds to ready to eat food options, we at Vedaorganics cater to one and all. All the products are delicious, healthy, and conveniently available at our offline stores. The prime location of our offline store is No. 4/1, Brunton 1st Cross Road, Off MG Road, Ashok Nagar that lies right in the center of the city. We also have an upcoming store in BTM LAYOUT that is, yet again, a hub of everything organic that includes beauty and personal care items too.  The convenience of buying in=person gets better at VedaOrganics with the seamless customer support throughout the buying process. 

Not just that, but we are also available as an online e-commerce platform and on different other platforms as a trusted supplier of organic products. Our prime goal is to bring healthy, safe, and affordable products for our customers with the highest natural, organic wellness level.


 At VedaOrganics, we are always eager to serve each customer as our top-most priority. To stock up your monthly supplies, you can choose from an array of organic products like nuts, millets, rice, wheat, etc. You can either browse from the hundreds of options online and get it delivered to your doorstep or walk into our store anytime for a customized experience. 


We're on a mission to bring a holistic revolution in health, and we'd love you to join it!

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