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Why Is Organic The 'Food Revolution' That's Going To Stay

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Have you looked up a diet recently, and the nutritionist mentioned 'organic foods'? Have you stumbled upon a celebrity's page as they spill their secret to 'glow up' as organic? Have your grandparents often advised you to 'eat real' and not 'the hybrid' stuff? If yes, 'organic' has already been a subtle part of your life but sadly could never become integral until now. Yes, now is different since it marks the beginning of a change towards a happier future. 

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The focus of the world has now shifted to healthy food over the usual comfort food. Gone are the days when 'health is wealth' was just a neglected proverb. Today, it is the ultimate goal of every human being on the planet, mainly because the years 2020-2021 have taken a toll on the overall health index everywhere. The pandemic has not only taught us the value of good health and stronger immunity but has also exposed the adverse effect of current food consumption. 

People have started to notice adulterated and hybrid products and learned to acknowledge naturally grown food and its role in preserving our health. Health-conscious people are no more a different tribe; everybody is afraid of falling sick and is conscious about their health and products. The fear of losing our health has impacted consumption and produce to meet the new change in buying patterns. 



This change in mindset has begun to spiral a revolution in the organic sector to bring us 'back to our roots - only for the better.' Although, the shift in consumption is prominently visible in metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata. With the power of the internet and the influence of nutritionists, celebrities, health enthusiasts, etc., 'organic' has become an ongoing revolution. 


While the revolution seems to be more prominent today, the first step towards change in the Indian food industry began with the Jaivik Bharat Certification. This certification opened doors for organic products to get certified. Any brand or label that genuinely sold organic food at the time started to get benefitted from the 'organic' label that set them apart in the market. This initiative by the government was the first significant step taken to differentiate and organize the organic food market. Products such as sugar, maida, flour, etc., were the first to be labeled organic. 

We've come a long way from then. The current certified organic market increases every year at a CAGR of 2-30 percent and has reached new heights in the last two years combined. The trust bestowed by consumers on the quality of the products sparks the current ' food revolution.' It marks it organic- so much that the consequences of 'not meeting organic standards' have started to affect people. 

Many people have started reporting the increase in pollutants in water and soil over the past few years. Millennials have begun citing 'adulterated food' as the top-most reason behind immunity loss. Most parents have also started fearing feeding their infants and children food like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products produced conventionally. All food produced through current farming methods is rapidly deteriorating in quality, and the only resort left is to 'go organic' since it's healthier. 

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While several reasons make organic food healthier, the top few are :

  1. They are grown with natural fertilizers like manure and compost instead of synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge. 
  2. They are grown only using environmentally friendly methods and do not involve using any pesticide, insecticides, etc. 
  3. The crops grown through organic farming are not genetically modified and are hence in their natural form. 
  4. Only certified natural insecticides are used, and natural methods like hand-weeding, crop rotation are implemented in farming. 
  5. Organic food has strict criteria to match when it comes to quality. In case a crop fails to adhere to the same, it is not certified organic anymore. 


Organic produce has been a limited and premium consumer section of society for a long, long time. The number one challenge faced by consumers has been availability. While most consumers depended on branded retail stores across metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai, others flocked to the farmer's market and relied on the seller's word. But the revolution now has made 'accessibility' easier too. 

In fact, the most exciting aspect of this revolution is the increased supply of 'organic' products and the awareness of its benefits. There are several options available today for buying. One of which is our proud chain of VedaOrganics certified to be selling 'healthier' alternatives to tasty and comfort foods. 

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And while you can always walk into our stores (Veda Organics Brunton Road

No. 4/1, Brunton 1st Cross Road, Off MG Road, Ashok Nagar

Bengaluru-560025) for a reliable consumer experience in the market, our online portal is also available as a convenient shopping alternative amidst the pandemic. 

Although the revolution has begun and is here to stay due to changes in buying patterns, mindsets, and demand-supply improvements, there's still a long way to go. This revolution demands better education for farmers and greater awareness in the country to switch to Organic today. We at VedaOrganics are hopeful about a healthier future and are hence, on the mission to educate better. If you're on it too, here's wishing you nothing but the best together. 

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