No. 4/1, Brunton 1st Cross Road, Off MG Road, Ashok Nagar 560025 Bengaluru IN
Veda Organics
No. 4/1, Brunton 1st Cross Road, Off MG Road, Ashok Nagar Bengaluru, IN


Everything's on the go today - from the clothes we shop to our travel plans, managing finances, and the food we eat! There's almost little to no time in our day-to-day lives to stop and reflect on the choices we make because everything's available at our fingertips. 

"Similarly, every day is a day for new 'processed' food that takes us a step ahead in innovation, but several steps behind in health." 

Believe it or not, almost all food consumed by us today is toxic in one way or the other. Much like the fast-paced world, our food has also become 'fast' with the processed food industry adding new food chains & consumer goods every day. 

While you can always stick to the idea of 'home-cooked meals,' the raw products sourced from traditional farming are still the ones infested by pesticides & fertilizers that are harmful. 

So what's the solution? 


Since organic products are natural, pesticide-free, and unprocessed, they add more nutrition to every meal and ditch the threat of any toxin consumption. Almost every doctor & nutritionist today suggests adopting a natural way of life to boost health, and in the process, recommends consuming organic food. 

While switching to organic seems like the best solution, a common concern that prevails is the 'right buying option.' And although it's a valid concern to shop right for your health, it's not a difficult choice anymore!



1. A one-stop shopping destination for all organic products: 

If you're tired of shopping in bits & pieces for your health, it's time you visit us!

Whether you're looking for a staple diet monthly purchase or snack-o-clock munchies or midnight cravings, our multi-brand store is an abode of everything healthy & delicious at the same time. Specially curated to tailor-fit everybody's tastes & preferences, our Multi-Brand store houses the best organic brands that comply with the standards/certifications required for qualifying as 'organic.' 

Our products are specifically chosen and curated as per the following parameters:

  • Products that are kind on our bodies
  • Products that are safe for the environment
  • Products that are exemplary epitomes of health & healthier lifestyle
  • Products that do not compromise on quality & taste 
  • Products that complement major health goals in the longer run.

From sweet delicacies to meal-time choices to superfood breakfast options, our products are a fit for every meal of the day. You name it, and we've got it already. What's better? As a one-stop solution to taste & health, we are there for all your food requirements every day- even on days when you want to ditch the calorie intake. 

2. A convenient location: 

 Hoping to pick your product in person? Looking for a destination in Bangalore that offers an array of organic options to choose from? Unable to find a quality store that's well connected from your doorstep? Well, don't worry anymore! Vedaorganics has got you covered. 

veda organic

Located at No. 4/1, Brunton 1st Cross Road, Off MG Road, Ashok Nagar, our store lies in the heart of the city - as the heartiest option for your health needs. And while there may be several distinct options at your convenience, our store reserves the right as the 'certified' hub for all things tasty, healthy & organic. Situated in the center of the city & traversed by almost every person residing in Bangalore, the location is a prime hub. And that’s not it but we also have great news for everyone in South Bangalore - with a new branch opening in BTM LAYOUT.

3. Online Buying Option:

While some of you genuinely enjoy visiting a store and hand-picking products, some are probably thinking, "Why visit the store, and why not get it delivered home?" 

We hear you both and value each one of you as assets in the form of customers. Hence, our multi-brand store is also available as an online e-commerce site that's easily navigable, well-structured, and up-to-date with all the products. Our online store is a virtual experience into the world of health & taste through product displays, categories, meal-time options that make picking the right food easy. You can explore an array of products and place an order anytime to have it delivered at your convenience. 

4. A Customer Service Experience that'll never disappoint:

Whether it's a walk-in experience at the store or an online shopping experience, we pledge a customer service model that 'prioritizes' each customer's needs. Customer is the king for us, in quite the literal way, and hence, we continuously strive to make the customer experience worthwhile. We also follow external feedback and an internal review system to analyze and strengthen our performance in customer service & support. Our goal is to make 'organic buying' a feasible & easy option for one & all across livelihoods. And with that goal in mind, we continue to serve queries, concerns, disputes, grievances, and even- need for suggestions in the best of our capacities. 

By encouraging more and more people to eat natural products, we hope to bring good health to their homes - "The Veda Way." And since you are what you eat, there's no way we'll let you struggle to find the right pick - for your health, your family's health & the environment. 

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