No. 4/1, Brunton 1st Cross Road, Off MG Road, Ashok Nagar 560025 Bengaluru IN
Veda Organics
No. 4/1, Brunton 1st Cross Road, Off MG Road, Ashok Nagar Bengaluru, IN

About Us

Veda Organics is a Brand Name of Advitha Agro Implex. It is wisely said that ‘Health is Wealth’. The human body is God’s temple. With this belief and integrity, knowing ‘Time and trust go hand in hand’, we started with an initiative, an online platform called “Veda” to make people aware of the virtue of using organic products. Going back to our roots where chemicals and pesticides were unused, we bring to your home the goodness of naturality. Our online platform goes hand-in-hand with our brand new store on Brunton Road which offers a wide range of organic groceries, wellness products, and foods. The massive response that we received for our products were encouraging and we shall soon spread the goodness of our products with more than 15 branches across India. By encouraging more and more people to eat natural products, we hope to bring to their homes good health - “The Veda Way”.

With every Veda delivery, we guarantee you that our products are:

  • Kind on your body
  • Safe for the environment
  • The epitome of health


For the last 40 years, we’ve been buying food that is laden with pesticides, chemicals, stabilizers, and sweeteners that are going on damaging our bodies in countless unrecognised ways. In fact, what we eat can no longer be called food, rather they are but artificial products which masquerade as food. As the old adage goes, and holds relevance more than ever, we are what we eat. At Veda Organics, we take this belief to our heart, we believe in bringing healthy lifestyle changes to improve your well-being. In a world whose health is driven by medicines, we are here to give you products that are sans chemicals and pesticides, promoting well-being the natural way.


We at Veda Organics believe in bringing healthy, safe and affordable products for our customers to bring the highest level of natural, organic wellness, and consequently,a holistic life.Coupled with a customer service team that is eager to serve, our products come with long term benefits that are here to stay.


Our value system is one that we are not ready to compromise at any cost. Especially given the pandemic, it is necessary that we walk that extra mile to keep our immunity on point.

With Veda Organics we promise you that

  • Our products have strict measures of quality at every phase
  • Our products are delicious on the palette
  • Our products will help you achieve your health goals effortlessly

Environmental sustainability is also a priority for Veda Organics and with no artificial chemicals used in our production process, we continue to support our planet as we support our customers.

Trust in Veda Organics coz V care for your Wellbeing.